Blue Sky Alive, a Pittsburgh based artist, has been a hobbyist electronic musician and composer since the late 1980s and only recently started releasing his music on a wider scale. His music can be considered “genre-fluid electronica”, and he creates his albums conceptually, preferably listened to as a whole.

Blue was born and reared on Oahu, Hawaii, and started on the ukulele at the tender age of 10. Since then, there has been years of DJing, collecting synthesizers, and creating electronic music; however, music was always “just a hobby.”

His sophomore release, 2020: An Earth Odyssey is a departure from the downtempo future noire sounds of his first album “9”, as it features a foundation in faster-paced electronic dance music. 2020 takes us on a journey of the protagonist who decides to leave the narrow self-created confines of his world, and explore the world outside of his shell. On the trip, he meets a Neko (cat) who accompanies him on a mind-opening journey of music. Concluding with the final track, Dusty Roads, the protagonist decides to live his life taking the “path-less-travelled”.

Although the songs in his latest release are electronic dance in its purest form (with styles ranging from electro, progressive house, to 80s retro), he draws from a myriad of influences, including non-dance artists such as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, and Pink Floyd. Blue considers himself genre-fluid and has a hard time coloring within the genre-lines.